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Vive Game

You need to dive down into the ancient underwater castle to seek the most valuable treasure. And of course escape the collapsing building as fast as you can with the help from your friends. In this world you need to solve different puzzles with the information audience outside provide. When you get the treasure, the whole room will collapse and you need to find a way out through portals before you drown to die.

In this game, we are telling a story about Pandora and an Alicorn. The story is different and it's made up by our team! The guset will experience the story in Oculus!


Oculus Game


Kinect Game

This game is built for 2 guests based on the XBox Kinect platform. Taking inspiration from the Hole in the Wall, the guests have to adopt multiple gestures through different cookie modules. Upon passing all the obstacles, they jump onto the delivery truck out of the cookie factory.

The guest flies a spaceship through a galaxy in their own room using just their gaze! Their goal is to help a robot collect enough stardust from the nearby planets to return home, while enjoying an out-of-this-world experience.

In the Void

Vive Game

Time to Sleep

Vive Game

It's a horror game! You need to use the flash light to defeat the monster, then your boy can go to sleep! The guest will have a great horror game experience in Vive!

I chose a short game clip and create a soundscape (including sound effects, ambiance, and background music) to match the visuals and feelings in this video.



Trying something with Unreal Engine 4...

C++ only...

No blueprint....


Unreal Engine 4

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